About Dandy Cubs


This website is created for the modern parent, featuring a mix of parenting resources, a wealth of lifestyle strategies for today’s parent - one who’s craving real information, the right connections and ways of doing things faster and better. Our goal is to provide stylish items for your little ones at a reasonable price. We believe that if you feel good about how you look, it shows in your personality.


After having my first baby in 2012, I had a hard time shopping for my son. The ideas that I had for his clothing style were not easy to find in local stores. When I searched the internet, it was just as hard. Needless to say, it became a tiresome and never-ending task to match his style with his personality and attitude.

In 2014, I decided to act on a dream. With strong will and action, Dandy Cubs was founded in 2015. I have always had an eye for fashion, it just never transcended into clothing for myself. My son, however, is my little muse. Strangers and friends alike, would complement his clothing and ask where I shopped for him. I was told by many that being a personal stylist for children was my secret talent. So, after heavy consideration, I decided to create Dandy Cubs. I hope my love of all things children shines through and you enjoy your stay. Allow us to be your fashion outlet and create a delightful retail experience for you.

-Mama Cub